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The virus has impacted travels and tours across the world. As such, many vacation spots have currently suspended their services pending the period the virus subsides.

Proud Past

Past Celebrations

Ipswich is big on celebrating the past because of the heritage. The town produced a book in 1910 based on how it became a municipal government and the growth journey. The book was used to mark the jubilee celebration of becoming a municipal government.

A Brief History

There is a lot to learn about the rich heritage of Ipswich. Being Queensland’s oldest provincial city, Ipswich is a place of heritage, and this accounts for why many people reckon with the city. The city is located at the Westside of Brisbane. One unique thing about the town is how it has gone through various growth processes.

Ipswich Mayors

There have been several mayors at Ipswich ever since the town became municipal. Each mayor spends a certain number of years spearheading different city sectors and ensuring that the community members have their interests adequately represented.


Learn about the years in which significant events happened. There have been several activities and achievements by Ipswich. This will be discussed using a timeline of the events, and under the periods the achievements happened.

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Things to do

Ipswich has nice spots for couples who are looking for where to spend their next holidays. This is one of the locations you can consider. The location has all you need to have a fun-filled experience. So many people across the world travel down to Ipswich to spend their holidays.
Many people across the world book to spend their vacation at Ipswich. This is not because they like the sound of the name, but because the location boasts of impressive attractions that make people find it worthwhile.
Are you curious about nature and wildlife? You should consider visiting Ipswich to see some of the best animals on earth. It will also interest you to find some animals that you'll be seeing for the very first time.
If you want a place with numerous parks and sites for your children, consider choosing Ipswich as your location, as it has lots of things to offer in that area.
Do you want to live your adventurous fantasies? Grab your hiking and mountain-climbing shoes, and head to Ipswich for your cruising and vacation needs.

Visitor Information

We understand how difficult it might be getting into a new city and not knowing your way around. But with our visitor’s guide, you can deal with this.